In Yellowwatt we are enthusiasts of every aspect of lighting.

Our team of designers does not only handpick and evaluate the light fixtures that we offer but is here to help you design amazing lighting projects as well. Yellowwatt is not the regular eCommerce lighting store, we are a community of engineers and artists, all dedicated to the thing we love, light. Our areas of expertise include lighting design, architecture, electrical engineering, product design, scenography and photography.

With many years of experience in lighting design and architecture, we can undertake small scale to large scale projects, residencies, retail projects, hotels, public spaces and many more. We strongly believe, though, that the most important space for each one of us is the one that we live in, our home. If you are interested in a lighting design, if you want to renovate your house or just feel that you need some advice don’t hesitate to contact us.

Each project is completed with attention to detail, a unique approach and with respect to the client’s needs and the architect’s design. We closely follow the project’s timeline and budget and make sure to provide a sustainable and energy-efficient lighting design. Our passion for innovation and aesthetic pleasure is, always, combined with the demand to meet the user’s performance requirements. We cooperate with a wide range of manufacturers to make sure that the equipment used will be ideal for what your project demands.

We offer a range of lighting design services from concept design to construction package. Just send as an email at and let as know what you need.

If you have decided to design the lighting yourself, this is really exciting! In case you need some advice regarding the light temperature, the type of the bulb, the colour matching or even just a dimension you are very welcome to send as an email at We will be here for you!

Let’s create dreamy spaces together!